Linked Open Data


The aim of Open Data initiatives like Open Data Euskadi is to publish government data in the most interoperable and rich way, so that citisens and other institutions can build interesting applications and perform deep analyses with the data. Linked Data offers a suitable technology to do so, through the so called Linked Open Data.

Five star Linked Open Data

The idea behind Linked Data is to publish data directly on the Web, using current technologies, with standards like RDF, OWL, SHACL, and SPARQL. In order for such data to be useful, it must be identified with URIs, accessible through HTTP, and most importantly, linked to external Linked Data resources, to be a part of the Linked Open Data Cloud.

Linked Open Data cloud

By publishing Open Data as Linked Data, 3rd parties (humans or programs) can browse the data through links and perform interesting queries on integrated data.

In Open Data Euskadi, we have chosen data from different sources (Open Data Euskadi catalog, Legegunea, web content, etc.) and we have converted it to Linked Data. This documentation is provided to make the consumption of such data easier to developers, citisens, journalists, etc.