URI policy

In Linked Data, resources are identified by URIs. This means that URIs should be persistent and well defined (See "Linked Data Best Practices" references bellow). 

The resource URIs at Open Data Euskadi allways follow the pattern


Usually the {resource} URIs adheres to the NTI scheme for URIs (NTI stands for spanish Norma Técnica de Interoperabilidad)



  • Sector: one of the sectors provided by the NTI (e.g. environment), translated from spanish to english. SKOS file with the sector names.
  • Domain: the realm to which the resource belongs, defined by Open Data Euskadi (e.g. air-quality). SKOS file with the domain names.
  • ClassName: the name of the class to which this resource belongs. In other words, the name of the resource at the other end of the rdf:type predicate (e.g. observation, from http://purl.org/linked-data/cube#Observation). See section "Ontologies used" bellow.
  • Identifier: a unique identifier, generated from the original data (e.g. AV-GASTEIZ-2017-01-26).

Therefore a real URI, identifying an observation of air quality that follows the Data Cube model, looks like: http://id.euskadi.eus/environment/air-quality/observation/AV-GASTEIZ-2017-01-26.


  • Sector: environment.
  • Domain: air-quality.
  • ClassName: observation.
  • Identifier: AV-GASTEIZ-2017-01-26.

Other big set of resource URIs come from the Legegunea service ant follow the URI pattern defined by the European Legislation Identifier (ELI) project:


Finally, apart from resources, the following entities also have URI schemes defined:

  • OWL Classes: http://id.euskadi.eus/def/{OntologyName}#{ClassName}.
  • OWL properties: http://id.euskadi.eus/def/{OntologyName}#{PropertyName}.
  • OWL Ontology: http://id.euskadi.eus/def/{OntologyName}.
  • SKOS Concept: http://id.euskadi.eus/kos/{ConceptName}.
  • Dataset in a DCAT file: http://id.euskadi.eus/dataset/{NamedGraph}.
  • Distribution in a DCAT file: http://id.euskadi.eus/distribution/{NamedGraph}/[lang]/format. lang is optional.
  • Named Graph in a DCAT file or Triple Store: http://id.euskadi.eus/graph/{NamedGraph}.